About us

 Welcome to our website dedicated to our family of Tonkinese cats.  My name is Catherine and I live, together with my husband in a village in the fens of Cambridgeshire on the outskirts of Peterborough - about 15 minutes from the A1.  

Our Tonks are first and foremost our family pets and live in our home, along with our dogs for playmates.  As you look through our website,  you will find plenty of photos of our cats both at home, and also at various cat shows.   

We have been showing our Tonks for a few years now, and love our hobby,  just as long as the cats enjoy it too.   We regularly go to GCCF shows and have enjoyed some great successes.   Now all three CPR coat patterns have been accepted in pedigree competition since late 2013,  and the BCR and CPR coat patterns have now achieve full championship status.

I am passionate about the Tonkinese breed, and have played an active part on the committee of the Tonkinese Breed Club for several years. Although I am not currently a committee member I am still very interested in both the Breed Club and the Cat Club's progress.  Tonks never fail to fascinate me - they are intelligent,  inquisitive, naughty, loving, attentive, talkative,  lively and exuberant,  and many more things too.   

As you look through my website,  you will notice that I have not written too much - I believe that you can see everything in the pictures.  There are plenty of good websites with lots of information about the breed and if you are considering bringing a Tonkinese kitten into your home for the first time I would strongly recommend you research them well.   If you are looking for a cat to curl up and go to sleep - a Tonk is not for you! 

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