Pebbles 2006 - 2019



Pebbles, was our dear foundation brown tortie who was responsible for starting our journey with the Tonkinese - both breeding and showing.   Pebbles had a lovely relaxed temperament,  and was a superb mother and Grandmother to her offspring.   She was also a delight to show at a cat show and achieved UK Grand status at the Supreme Cat Show as well as winning numerous other titles.   


                                     Ferngully Tegan




Ferngully Tegan

 Tegan joined our family of Tonks in July 2009.  A delightful and naughty little pickle,  she is a typical tonk - gets into everything and has the loudest purr.  

Tegan had her final litter of kittens in August 2013 and the babies are now happily settled in their new homes


        Mimaperks Graziozo - aka Zozo

Zozo was born on 18th September 2010, and is the Granddaughter of Pebbles- one of a litter of 4 kittens which included 3 torties.  This made choosing her really difficult as we love our torties and all 3 were delightful in very individual ways.  Zozo just seemed to want to stay and her eyes said it all really.  Please go to the Photo Gallery to see her album.

Her father is Nokki (Chinktonks Nocturne)


          UK Grand & Imperial Gr Ch Amorcatz Jane Eyre

Freya - born March 2011,  is a beautiful blue girl, and we feel very lucky to have her with us.  Thank you so much to Sue Amor, her breeder, who has entrusted her to us.   Freya is a really special girl as she was from her father's very last litter - Amorcatz Bourneville - who sadly passed away in 2011 suddenly at a very young age.

Freya has had 3 litters of kittens and a very successful career on the show bench. After doing well as a kitten, she went to her first show as an adult, just one week older than 9 months old, and was awarded her first Champion Certificate,  and her second and third certificates followed in early 2012.  She has now achieved the fantastic UK Grand & Imperial Grand Champion Titles and has a few Olympian awards. 

Freya is now retired from being a mum and is happily spending her time relaxing and nurturing the youngsters

Pictures of Freya and her babies are at the Photo Gallery